Practice Areas 

Full spectrum consulting

Real estate law

Real estate has never been more global or complex than it is today. By combining industry knowledge with a practical and collaborative approach to problem solving Marzi are able to help clients across the entire property lifecycle, both in Italy and Germany. Marzi support their clients in buying and selling real estate, privately and at auction, and deal with all technical procedures.

Banking law, debt collection and enforcement

Cashflow is the lifeblood of every business. When clients don’t pay when they’re meant to, the effects of bad debts can quickly impact on your entire operation. Marzi have the expertise and approach to resolve these unfortunate situations as quickly and amicably as possible. They protect their clients' right to savings and investments, both nationally and internationally. Marzi offer the right help and support to their clients in the increasingly complex procedures for the collection and enforcement of claims.

Family law and negotiation aid

The experienced and expert family lawyers at Marzi are here to help guide you through a wide range of family law issues – from divorce and childcare arrangements, to cohabitation and civil partnerships. Marzi provides all round support.

The dedicated team of family lawyers are here to guide you, no matter how difficult your case is. They work hard to assist families and couples with a range of family law services, including complex divorce cases, financial arrangements, cohabitation agreements, child arrangements and all related divorce and family issues.

Marzi also specialises in international marriages, divorces, and the possible consequences of the family unit breaking down.


If you or a member of your family has suffered serious harm as a result of a traffic accident, work accident or professional medical liability the team at Marzi can help. With considerable experience in providing compensation Marzi focus on finding solutions which meet the individual needs of their clients.

Transport law and forwarding law

In the field of transport and forwarding law, Marzi work on mandates concerning international passenger transport law. Passenger law, airline rights and international freight transport are all dealt with by the team at Marzi with lawyers advising on air traffic, freight transport, airlines and freight. Out-of-court and judicial representation in the event of damage or lack of goods is also offered.

Bankruptcy law

Both individuals and businesses alike can find themselves with debt problems and difficulties. Marzi support corporate and private clients offering impartial and confidential advice during insolvency, bankruptcy proceedings and foreclosure of claims through loan administration. They also offer assistance to enable you to manage and reduce your debts. 
In the event of foreclosure or debt collection, Marzi’s lawyers are at your side. With over 40 years of experience in the debt recovery field Marzi is best placed to deal with any and all of your needs. Having represented leading Italian and international banking groups Marzi is acclaimed for their handling of the claims.

Commercial law and business law

Commercial and business law is at the forefront of Marzi’s focus. Lawyers provide legal advice and assistance about setting up a company, acquisition or sale process and always advise on best practice.

Offering complete legal support, for example, of a German company wishing to set up a subsidiary or branch in Italy is just one example of the tasks undertaken by Marzi. The lawyers at Marzi will review general terms and conditions (GTC), formulate statutes or draft various contracts, such as a purchase agreement, articles of association, commercial agency agreement or cooperation agreement. They also advise on the conclusion of rental agreements or property purchase agreements with regard to a suitable location.

In addition to providing advice, Marzi provides legal support to companies in the event of a merger, takeover or liquidation and represents them in disputes in court.

In cases of white-collar crime, Marzi offers competent advice to German-speaking clients in criminal law and criminal proceedings.

Inheritance law

Providing knowledge and support for clients dealing with Italian inheritance law Marzi are experts in examining and advising on Wills and are able to advise on all aspects of inheritance law and inheritance tax.
Normally, the testator decides to whom their property will pass after death and, in cases with international elements, which law is to be applied. If this decision is not made, inheritance disputes can arise within a family.

Informing heirs about their rights and obligations is an important element of Marzi’s work.

As land or real estate is normally the subject of the inheritance dispute, it is important to have lawyers with extensive experience in real estate law available to you. Marzi has a dedicated team of real estate experts based in their office to ensure competent advice is always on hand.

International child abduction

Taking a child to another country requires the agreement of both parents, or it can be classed as child abduction. If one parent voluntarily, unilaterally and without the consent of the other parent takes a child with the intention of hiding them abroad and keeping them permanently, it is considered international child abduction. The experts at Marzi always put child protection first and act for parents on both sides of this complex family situation.

Tax law

As tax law becomes increasingly complex, the team at Marzi provide innovative solutions to identify risks and opportunities for their clients as well as ensuring compliance. Their tax lawyers have comprehensive knowledge of both Italian and German tax legislation and provide the highest level of advice. Offering legal advice as well as judicial and extrajudicial support in tax matters Marzi’s support includes all tax profiles of activities in connection with Italian and German nationals, residents and real estate in Italy and Germany.

Traffic law

Traffic law is another specialist area for the team at Marzi.
In the event of a traffic accident in Italy, a client is confronted with various legal issues and it is advisable to see a lawyer as soon as possible. Marzi will clarify all traffic law issues and how to proceed after an accident involving property damage or personal injury in Italy.

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