The rate system applied by the Marzi Law Firm for the calculation of professional fees  is divided into three distinct options:

Hourly rate

Marzi Associated Law Firm applies hourly rates and, it is also possible to purchase  single modular hourly packages  online using Paypal 

Flat rate system

With this rate option, also known as a forfait , a fixed fee is established for the entire procedure or for the entire out-of-court matter to be dealt with, or for a certain predetermined period of time.

Parametric system

The parametric system, also called "tabular rate", provides for the analytical application of payable items by "phases", for example: study of the dispute, introductory, preliminary and decision-making.

If you have a fee to pay you can use the Paypal service, which allows fast, free and secure payments even to those who do not have a Paypal account. Access directly with the button to the secure payment page of the Paypal site, fill in the form and type the amount. At the end of the transaction, which will be carried out directly on our secure payment page configured on the Paypal site, you will be redirected here to make sure you have filled out the form, check the data entered and verify that you have sent it. You are not sharing your financial information with Marzi Law firm, but only your email and the data necessary to receive the invoice.